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TNESevai Account Registration Guide – TNeGA(step by step)

In this article, I am going to teach you exactly how to register a TNESevai account on the government website TNeGA.

Some of the people will have various confusions. There will be confusion as to how to open a new account on government websites and how to use it.

This article will get you answers to your confusion.You will also get a lot of new information through this.

It is mandatory to know the usage of this government website before you open a new account on this website. Here are its uses

  • e-Adangal Crop Entry
  • e-Adangal Extract Download
  • Community certificate
  • Nativity certificate
  • Income Certificate
  • Solvency Certificate
  • Deserted Woman Certificate
  • Agricultural Income Certificate
  • Family Migration Certificate
  • Unemployment Certificate
  • First Graduate Certificate
  • Certificate for Loss of Educational Records due to disasters
  • Inter Caste Marriage Certificate
  • Other Backward Classes (OBC) Certificate
  • Legal Heir Certificate
  • Widow Certificate
  • Residence certificate
  • Small / Marginal Farmer Certificate
  • Money Lender’s Licence
  • No Male Child Certificate
  • License under Pawn Broker Act
  • Unmarried Certificate

You can start a new account with the above.

TNESevai Account Registration Guide – TNeGA(step by step)

If you have any of the above, you are eligible to start a new account. We are going to know step by step how to start an account with this.

Register page (Step1):- Citizen portal

Click the link to go to the government website. That government webpage will look like the image below.

tnesevai account registration login

Personal details (Step2):-

Fill in all your personal details. Definitely have to fill everything.

  • Full Name
  • District
  • Taluk
  • Mobile Number
  • Email id
  • Aadhaar No
  • Login ID(Username)
  • Password
  • Confirm Password
  • Captcha Code
TNESevai Account Registration from

OTP (Step3):-

Once you have filled in all the above, click on the Sign-Up button. Importantly you can change the Login ID (Username) anytime.

Once done, OTP will be sent to your phone number.Filled it out here will open your account.

tnesevai account registration otp

You only need to open one account on this government website. If you open multiple duplicate accounts it will create new problems.

You can find more information like this on our website

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of opening an account at TNESevai?

If you are from Tamil Nadu, you can avail many benefits by opening this account. You can get a Community certificate, Nativity certificate, and many other certificates with this account.

Who is eligible to open tnesevai account?

All the people of Tamil Nadu are eligible to open a tnesevai account.

Final Words

If you have any problem with TNESevai Account Registration let us know through the comment box. Share this post with your friends who don’t know about this.


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