TANGEDCO Know Your Service No/Number – TNEB Guide 2020

TANGEDCO Know Your Service No/Number: In this post, we are going to see how you can TANGEDCO Know Your Service No / Number. Knowing this is not such a difficult task.

You need to open the government website to know this. You can visit the government website by clicking this link.

How do you get those four numbers? Then take the TNEB receipt given to you. The electrical connection number will be given at a loss of fourteen. Make a note of those numbers.

TANGEDCO Know Your Service No/Number

You can now go to the Tamil Nadu Government website and click on Know Your Service No.

TNEB Service Number Format

  • Electrical connection number = xx-xxx-xxx-xxxx
  • Region code = xx-ooo-ooo-oooo(First Two Numbers)
  • Section = oo-xxx-ooo-oooo
  • Distribution = oo-ooo-xxx-oooo
  • Number = oo-ooo-ooo-xxxx

The region code will be asked. In it, you need to select the first two numbers on your e-receipt.

TANGEDCO Know Your Service No bill

After answering it, you have to answer your section number next. The next three numbers in your receipt are the answer.

Below that select the Distribution number. Distribution number, next three numbers on the e-receipt.

Finally, your e-payment number will be asked. You will need to type in the last four digit numbers on your electricity bill. After typing a captcha, click on submit button

TANGEDCO Know Your Service No form

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When you have done this you will be given a consumer number, your name, address, and Service Status.

TANGEDCO Know Your Service No finally

Final Words

If you have any problem with TANGEDCO Know Your Service No let us know through the comment box. Share this post with your friends who don’t know about this.

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