How to apply Nativity Certificate Online – Step By Step Guide

Apply Nativity Certificate: In this post, we are going to see how to apply for the Nativity Certificate online. Not all people know how to get this Nativity Certificate. This post was created because of this. Through this, all the people will know how to apply for the Nativity Certificate.

You need to go to the website of the Government of Tamil Nadu. Below is the link to the Government of Tamil Nadu website. Go to the government website using this link.

In it, you need to open your account. In another post, I have clearly explained how to open your account on this government website. Learn how to open an account by clicking on the link in that post. If you already have an account, keep reading this post.

Nativity Certificate

Once you have opened your account, select Revenue Department. Once you have selected it, search for Nativity Certificate in a search box at the top. Click on the link to apply for Nativity Certificate.

Then a new screen will open. Nativity certificate, application documents, and fee and how to apply will be given here. Read it carefully and find out. After reading this, click on proceed.

Then you have to enter your can number. If you do not have a can number you will need to apply for a new can number. Only those with a can number should continue to read this post. For those who do not have it, choose the link below and find out how to get a can number.

Required to apply for Nativity Certificate

1. Photo

2. Any Address Proof

3. Birth Certificate

4. School Education Certificate(or) Employment Details(or)other proof to prove continuous residence of 5 years

5. Self-Declaration of Applicant

Apply Nativity Certificate

Apply Nativity Certificate Online

You enter the can number and click on verify. Then enter and verify that the OTP will be sent to your phone number. When OTP checks me, click submit.

Currently, the Nativity Certificate application form is given. You have to fill in everything that is not filled in it. You must include everything important. Once you have filled all, you have to click submit.

Nativity Certificate Form
Nativity Certificate

Then you have to upload all the documents asked in it. You must upload it in the size requested. Then you have to pay for it.


What documents do I need to submit to get the Nativity Certificate?

You must submit a photo, your address proof, Birth certificate, and Self-Declaration of the Applicant to receive the Nativity Certificate.

Is it necessary to get a Nativity Certificate?

Yes, it is very important to get a Nativity Certificate. You better buy it and keep it. This is something that is heard in all government offices. It will take you at least 7 days to get this. So it is better to buy this in advance.

Final Words

In this post I have shared all the information about how to get Nativity Certificate. Let us know if you have any other doubts. We resolve that doubt. Also share this information with your friends. It will be useful for them too.

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