How to Reset UPI pin – PhonPe Bhim UPI Pin(step by step)

Are you using the same pin for your upi? If so it is best to change your pin. You should change your upi pin frequently.

Some people do not know how to change the upi pin. You can clearly know how to do it using this post. You can easily change the UPI Pin using PhonPe. Different processes can be done easily through phonpe.

Below I have clearly explained how to change the pin of the UPI id.

How to Reset UPI pin – PhonPe Bhim UPI Pin

Do it after you have clearly observed the processes given below. Your account may be disabled if you do something wrong.

It is a good idea to take some information before doing this. Know the last 6 digits of your Debit card and valid date. This information is mandatory.

First you have to open your phonpe app. You must have your account open.

Below that select My Money.

How to Reset UPI pin

Once you have done this, select Bank Account. After that, all your accounts will appear. Choose the account you want.

How to Reset UPI pin

Once you have opened the required account

How to Reset UPI pin

click Reset on BHIM UPI PIN.

Reset UPI pin
PhonPe Bhim UPI Pin

Then you have to enter your debit card information. You will then be sent an OTP to the phone number. After entering that OTP correctly, you can change your UPI PIN.

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You can learn how to replace PhonPe Bhim UPI Pin with this post. This post will definitely be useful for everyone. Please share this post with those who do not know about this.

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