How to create a UPI ID on Amazon Pay – Step by step guide

In this post, we are going to look at how to create a UPI ID on amazon pay. Just like google pay, phone pe, and Paytm have UPI ID, amazon pay is given UPI ID. Here we are going to know step by step how to get it.

What is Amazon pay UPI ID?

Get to know Amazon pay UPI ID well before you create Amazon pay UPI ID. UPI ID is being used to send and receive money fast. You can quickly transfer money from our account to others’ UPI ID via mobile.

It is currently being used extensively by the Indian population. It is being used by everyone from small businesses to large businesses.

Currently, Amazon is also introducing this under the name amazon pay. You can also create your UPI id on Amazon pay.

Create a UPI ID on Amazon Pay

Let’s see how to get UPI on amazon pay.

Amazon pay

Step 1: First open the amazon app. Click on the amazon pay dashboard.

Step 2: In it select amazon pay UPI Get Started.

create a UPI ID on Amazon Started

Step 3: Then select process. Next, Your phone number will be verified.

create a UPI ID on Amazon pay

Step 4: After that, the bank names will be sorted. In it, select your bank name. The application will check if you have a UPI ID in that bank. If you have a UPI id in that bank, you cannot create a new UPI id. If you do not have a UPI ID you can create a new UPI ID.

create a UPI ID on Amazon

Step 5: For the new UPI ID, you need to enter the last 6 digits of the debit card number and the expiration date of your debit card.

Step 6:Then you have to enter the PIN for your UPI ID. This PIN is requested for your protection.

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I hope it helps you to know how to create UPI on amazon pay. Share this with friends and relatives who don’t know about it.

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