How to apply OBC Certificate Online – E-sevai (TNeGA)

In this post, we are going to look at how to apply for the OBC certificate. This is an important certificate that everyone needs. This can be obtained by applying through the website at present. Getting this is not something that is very difficult right now. Everyone can get it easily.

You need to login to the Government of Tamil Nadu website for this. You can log in to the Government website using the link provided below.

You need to open your account on this government website. We have posted a post for this on our website. Click on the link to that post to find out how to register a government website.

Apply OBC Certificate

Apply OBC Certificate – TNeGA

When you go to the government website, click on service. There will be a search box in which the OBC link will be available after typing OBC. Choose it. Once you select it, a new screen will open for you. in it,

  • Service Description
  • Supporting Documents
  • application fee
  • How To Apply
Apply OBC Certificate Details

If you have any doubts you can find out by reading what is in it. You have to pay 60 rupees online to get this. After you read this, choose the one you procced on.

Supporting Documents

You need to submit some documents to get this OBC certificate. I have given below what those documents are. Keep these documents ready when you fill out the form. You must submit these documents.

  • Photo
  • Any Address Proof
  • Proof of Income (Payslip, Income Certificate, etc)
  • Community Certificate
  • Income Tax Return
  • Self-Declaration of Applicant
  • Income Tax Return
  • Other Documents
  • Proof of Income (Payslip, Income Certificate, etc)
Apply OBC Certificate Form

OBC Certificate apply online

You must currently enter a can number. If you do not have a can number, click on the link below to know how to apply and purchase. The link below will be very helpful for you.

If you have a can number, enter me on your phone and select your can number. A new screen will open as soon as you select your can number. There will be a new form on that screen. You have to fill it out.

You will be given some information when you buy the can number. That information will be completed in the form here. You must currently fill in the unfilled information. You should not fill out this information incorrectly. You will not be able to get the OBC certificate if you fill in the application incorrectly. When done, click the submit button.

Next, you need to upload your documents. Here we are going to look at what format documents can be uploaded. You can also see what size documents can be uploaded.

File Type: Pdf, JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF

Document Size : 200kb

Photo Size : 50kb

How many days can I get the OBC certificate?

The OBC Certificate will be available in at least 6 to 25 days. Less likely to be available before this. It takes more than 6 days not only if you get it online but also when you go directly and buy it.

Final Words

If you have any problem with the apply OBC certificate let us know through the comment box. Share this post with your friends who don’t know about this.

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