How to Apply, View, Download Encumbrance Certificate -Tamilnadu EC

This post will help you apply for your Encumbrance Certificate, view it, and learn how to download it. You need to open the government website to get this. Below we have provided the link of the government website and you can access that website by clicking on it.

We have provided all the information about this below and find out about it. I hope this is very helpful to you.

How to Apply, View, Download Encumbrance Certificate

Now we will see how to apply the Encumbrance Certificate. Once you go to the government website, click on the e-services link.

Select the Encumbrance Certificate and click on search and apply Ec. I have given this clearly in the photo below.

Encumbrance Certificate Search and Apply

Apply Encumbrance Certificate

Clicking on the search and apply EC will open an application. It will ask for your information and your land information. * Must give your answer (information) to the given questions.

Encumbrance Certificate Form

Importantly, from whichever year you need the Encumbrance Certificate, choose the right neighbor. You will not get the right information if you do not choose it correctly. Don’t forget to ask the year to whom you are issuing this certificate.

Once you have provided all the information click on ADD. Otherwise, the information you provide will not be saved on the government website. When done, click search to find your Encumbrance Certificate. When you click on Church, you will find many Encumbrance Certificates in which you need to find your Encumbrance Certificate.

Once you have selected your Encumbrance Certificate, click Apply Online. Then enter your personal information on the screen that opens. Name and mobile Number).

Encumbrance Certificate Personal Details

Then select payment and pay the amount requested.


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View, Download Encumbrance Certificate

You will know how to apply for the Encumbrance Certificate and we will see below how to view and download it.

Just like you did in the beginning, click on e-services. Then select the Encumbrance Certificate and click on view. Once you select it, there will be a new form.

View Encumbrance Certificate

You must select document wise before filling out the form. Once you select it, a different form will appear. You have to fill it out. When you are full, click on the search.

 View Form

Click here to generate your Encumbrance Certificate under the Encumbrance Certificate that appears. Then on the new screen, you will get the short message that your pdf has been generated Successfully.

generate Encumbrance Certificate

Below that, “click here to download to pdf” is given. Click on “Click here” to download the Encumbrance Certificate.

click here generate Encumbrance Certificate


How to download EC?

EC can be easily downloaded. You can download it from the government website by clicking e-services> EC view> and giving your Encumbrance Certificate.

Do I have to pay to get the Encumbrance Certificate?

Yes, we have to pay to get this. The money we have to pay for this is not fixed. If you want to get EC for more years, the value of the money will be higher accordingly.

Final Words

In this post, I have shared all the information about how to get the Encumbrance Certificate. Let us know if you have any other doubts. We resolve that doubt. Also, share this information with your friends. It will be useful for them too.

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