Download Patta Chitta Online | Step by step Guide(e-Seva)

In this post, we are going to see how to do it through Download Patta Chitta Online. Thus can be done in easy ways.

You need to know this. You may have to resort to things like xerox shops in a hurry. Otherwise, you will have to pay more for the shops.

The government has set up a website to download this Patta Chitta. It can be easily downloaded using this website.

Download Patta Chitta Online

What is Patta Chitta? Its uses

Patta Chitta is a certificate issued by the government of the land which includes the name of the owner, total land value, land area and history of the landowners.

For every land-related service like an agricultural loan, crop loan, and concessions given to farmers from the government, you have to submit Patta Chitta.

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Patta Chitta Download Online

Before you can download Patta Chitta you need to open that website which is run by the government. I have given below the link of that website.

On that screen, there will be questions like your district and your area type. Make the right choice. Then click the submit button.

Download Patta Chitta Online eseva

On the screen that opens next

  • Taluk
  • Village
  • View Patta Chitta Using
  • Patta Number or Survey Number/Sub division Number
  • Enter authentication value

You must enter your correct information in it. Otherwise, you will not get the correct certificate.

If you do not have your patta number, you can ask the village administration officer and get it.

Once you have entered your information correctly and clicked the submit button, the certificate you need will appear on the screen. Please check that it is your testimonial and download it.

Final Words

If you have any problem with Download Patta Chitta Online let us know through the comment box. Share this post with your friends who don’t know about this.

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