How to get Can Number Tnesevai – Register Online(Guide)

In this post, we are going to look at How to get Can number in tnesevai. Before registering can No on tnesevai website you need to open your account on this website.

I have provided how to open an account on this website at the link below.

Once you open an account in this you must first apply for your can number. You can get other applications only if you apply for can No.

How to get Can Number Tnesevai

Getting your can number on this website is one of the easiest. It can be obtained through the following methods.

Therefore, the following methods should be read carefully.


Once you open an account on this website you will need to open the department of something. For example, I choose the revenue department.

In it, select eAdangal Crop Entry (You can choose any of these services).

In the screen that appears, select register(This is the link to register the can number).

get Can Number open registration

Register the can number

Once you have selected you will have an application to register the can No. You must complete that application.

You need to know some important information before completing this application. You may not edit some of the contents of this application on another day.

get Can Number registration

Thus you need to fill out this application carefully. There are four fields you can not edit. They,

  • Aadhaar No
  • Applicent Name
  • DOB
  • Mobile No

You can never edit these four.

fields marked with asterisk (*) Are Mandatory.

Similarly, your address must be provided correctly. Otherwise, your certificate is likely to go to another officer without going to your village administration officer. Because of this, you may have trouble getting your certificate.

Final Steps

When you have completed the application, click on generate OTP. In that application, you will get four-digit numbers for the phone no you provided.

Enter this OTP and click confirm OTP. Then select register. That’s all you get your can No.

get Can Number success
Can I get other services only if I have a can number?

Yes, you can not access other services on this website if you do not have a can number.

How many days does it take to get a can number?

Just a few hours is enough to get the can number. You can number will be issued as soon as you complete the application submitted by them.

Final Words

If you have any problem with getting Can Number let us know through the comment box. Share this post with your friends who don’t know about this.

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