Apply online Small Marginal Farmers Siru Kuru Vivasaayi Certificate

How to apply online Small Marginal Farmers Certificate: In this post, we are going to see how to get Small Marginal Certificate. This can be obtained by all Siru Kuru farmers.

Let’s see what documents are required to get this.

  • Photo
  • Chitta
  • Adangal (Not Requierd)
  • Villanga sanru (Not Requierd)
  • Aadhaar, Ration card, voter id (any One)

You need to access the Government of Tamilnadu website to get this. Click on the link to that website.

Apply Online Small Marginal Farmers Certificate

Login your account as soon as you visit the government website. In it, select the revenue department. Then select the Small Marginal Farmer Certificate.

 Apply online Small Marginal Farmers certificate login

A new screen will open after you select it. Click Proceed on that new screen. After that, the new application will appear.

If you have a can number, follow the instructions below. If you do not have a can number, click on this link to know how to get a can number.

can number

Account Verify

If you have a can number, enter your number and keep searching. You can search for can number even with your phone number.

Then enter your phone number and verify OTP. Once you enter the mobile number, you can edit the information related to your can number.

You can get the new can number using the save as a new option. This will help everyone. When you are done, click on the process.

Small Marginal Farmers certificate

Small Marginal Farmers

A new screen will now appear. On that screen, the application for Small Marginal Farmers will be given.

Patta Chitta is very helpful for you to apply for this application and keep downloading it. Click on the link below to find out how to download Patta Chitta.

Once you have filled this application, click add. Then you will be given the document details to attach to it.

Apply online Small Marginal Farmers certificate Details

The screen will appear as shown in the photo below. All you have to do is add the requested documents along with it.

 certificate document

Final Words

If you have any problem with Apply online Small Marginal Farmers Certificate let us know through the comment box. Share this post with your friends who don’t know about this.

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